Beatrix Ruf director of the Stedelijk Museum

German curator Beatrix Ruf (1960) became in 2014 the new director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. With this appointment the museum has chosen for a strong, international and substantive heavy-weight. Ruf had been the director of the Kunsthalle Zürich since 2001. She is internationally known as one of the most influential figures in the artworld. The American magazine Art Review placed her at number 7 in 2013s ‘Power 100’. Next to her activities for the Kunsthalle, Ruf is associate editor for the art publishing house JRP Ringier and artistic director of the Ringier collection.

Her programming for the Kunsthalle had been characterized by a strong and broad international perspective. She showed established but underexposed artists (Lutz Bacher or Cameron Jamie) and artists who are driving the agenda of the next generation (Wade Guyton, Uri Aran, Alejandro Cesarco). She possesses a strong knowledge of the international art scene and has shown the work of both local artists as non-Western artists. According to insiders, she is also energetic and politically savvy.

Alexander Ribbink, chairman of the supervisory board of the Stedelijk Museum, said that Ruf has ‘the unique ability to connect artists, collectors, the market and the public sector. She brings a contemporary sound and will lead the museum further into the 21st century’.

The question now is: what will she bring about? Will she be able to move the Stedelijk Museum into a new direction? Can the Stedelijk Museum be a breeding ground for innovation, experimentation and gathering again, as it used to be? Will the museum become a platform for young artists? And will local and regional artists be represented?

Time will tell. In the meanwhile I can only be very excited and curious of what will come next.

Courtesy Robin de Puy

Courtesy Robin de Puy